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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga, yoga, relax

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy. It is an excellent way to prepare you for the birth of your baby and meet other mums to be. It is a gentle, safe way of keeping fit without any strain and is completely suitable for both beginners and those with experience of yoga. Read what our members say.

Each week a class will include:

  • A short period at the beginning where we just relax our minds and bodies allowing the activities of the day to be left behind. This will begin the special time you will be spending with your baby
  • A short, informal discussion on a pregnancy and birth related subject with a yogic overview. There is a rolling programme over about twelve classes and you can start at any point of the programme
  • Gentle hatha yoga postures modified specifically for pregnancy to strengthen us in body and give good posture
  • Remedial stretches and postures to alleviate common symptoms of pregnancy, such as lower back pain
  • Breathing techniques and short meditations for use during pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • A guided, deep relaxation to finish

All these are taught according to your own stage of pregnancy or personal ability.


Classes are every Wednesday 6.30pm - 8pm.

5 classes to be taken consecutively - £35
(If you advise me of your absence prior to the class, I will carry over the payment)

Pay as you go - £9

What our members say

Rachel's yoga classes were my saving grace throughout pregnancy. Calming, relaxing and fun, they helped keep me strong both mentally and physically in preparation for labour and beyond. I also learned a lot as Rachel explained why we did certain postures and how they could benefit us. There was always such a lovely atmosphere and energy in the room - I couldn't wait to get in there every week.


I attended Rachel's pregnancy yoga classes for my second and third births and despite having an elective C Section for my third, the classes were still invaluable to me in giving me time to focus on my new baby, and give me ways to help me through the surgical procedure. Rachel's experience in both yoga and midwifery make a fantastic combination and she really helped me through some tough times. It's also a great way to meet other new Mums.


Rachel's pregnancy yoga classes were fantastic: during my pregnancy I was working full-time as a teacher and found it difficult to relax and focus on the baby. Rachel's classes enabled me to do that and taught me vital relaxing and breathing techniques that were essential during my labour. The positions and stretches practised during classes prepared my for the intensity of the labour but also kept me calm and in tune with the baby: I actually enjoyed the whole experience. Rachel's experience as a midwife was invaluable and created a friendly atmosphere in the class: you could ask questions in an informal setting and listen to other mums. The birth stories were particularly helpful. I would recommend these classes to all mums to be like myself!